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"Hey, you've reached Lance! I'm probably doing something awesome right now, so I can't make it to the phone. Leave a message and I'll hit you up later."
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[Dating wasn't the right word to use. There was no word to use, because neither of them had labeled exactly what was going on between them. It'd started with a mutual if not begrudging admitting of admiration for each other, to more time spent together, to an accidental kiss and into whatever it was now. Lance felt lucky to be able to have someone to talk to, to hold, to kiss, to fool around with. Even if Keith had started out as his rival and even if he still wanted to punch him in the face a few times a day, it was something he had gotten accustomed to and grew to cherish.

Somewhere, he'd tripped up in that simple contentment. When Keith is in his bed at night, asleep in his arms and looking more relaxed than he's ever looked before, Lance feels a swelling in his chest that goes beyond simple fondness. He can't stop thinking about the red paladin, can't keep his eyes off of him when they're in public, and can't keep his hands off of him when they're in private.

It takes a bit of time for Lance to realize that he's fallen head over heels in love. He vehemently denies it at first, refusing to believe that his feelings had become so serious. It's slowly driving him crazy, and he'd whined to Hunk and Pidge about it until they promised to throw him out an airlock if he didn't do something about it.

(Having almost been thrown out of one before, he doesn't like the idea of it happening again.)

All he can do is somehow tell Keith and hope he doesn't screw everything up. Their arrangement is comfortable and something he doesn't want to let go of, but he keeps wanting something more.

A sudden burst of inspiration leads to him leaving a note under Keith's door for the other boy to meet him in the rec room that night. Lance waits there, fiddling about with his phone and a small speaker system set up nearby.]
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